Your time is precious

  • 1x EMS unit (20 minutes) weekly is already sufficient

  • Achieve better results in less time

  • Individual appointment agreement

Personal Training


  • As the name suggests: Personal and individual EMS units with a competent trainer. They never train alone and thus avoid a faulty performance of the exercises.

  • Goal-oriented training with precise training loads

  • We motivate you! Together we fight your inner pig dog!

  We make you fit. Your health will thank you.
  • Holistic fitness offer: combined with strength and endurance training

  • Body fat reduction, muscle building and strengthening the connective tissue (optimal after pregnancies)

  • Prevention of injury (in particular to prevent disc herniation and tension / muscular imbalance)

  • Stabilization of the trunk: strengthening the abdominal and back muscles

  • Regular body analyzes to keep your training and fitness state always in mind


  • EMS training is a joint-friendly training suitable for all age groups, adaptable for every performance level.