Electro-muscle stimulation

EMS - What is it?



Electro-muscular stimulation, for short EMS, originally comes from physical therapy, but has now been successful in health and performance sport and has developed into an efficient alternative to conventional training. One of the reasons for this is the great importance of the EMS method at the FIBO in 2016, as well as the results of a study by the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (December 2015), which show that EMS training compared to Classical training programs is much more effective.


How does EMS work? In principle, any muscular contraction results from a corporeal stimulus, which is "transmitted" from the central nervous system. This natural stimulus is strengthened externally by the EMS method and thus activates the musculature more efficiently, in particular the depth musculature. In an EMS unit, all muscle groups are addressed - thus balancing dysbalances are prevented by one-sided loading. A large number of different programs can be used to train the target, and even digester units in combination with a Crosstrainer are possible.


Training with "electricity" - does one have to worry? Definitely not. Since it is a low-frequency current, only the cross-stripped skeletal muscle, but no heart or organ musculature, is addressed. EMS is thus completely harmless.


Fit better cooperates with EMS market leader miha bodytec GmbH from Gersthofen, Bavaria. The Crosstrainer are from FINNLO by HAMMER.